1st Mapping practice !

The second day of the workshop we started experimenting on how to map visual content into a random surface. We placed the projector aleatory on the class so then we saw how to generate the layout in order to be able to generate content that matches perfectly the projected space.

After we removed the projector and replaced it by a photo camera to shot a picture witch aimed to become the “point of view of the projector”. Aided with the corner guides previously marked on the wall we deformed this image to become almost perfectly the layout or map of the given surface …

This is the original picture taken by the camera :

Next one is the image after applying the corresponding process to avoid perspective deformation, with this process we could say that this is “the point of view of the projector”.

At the end we generated a simple layout to finalize this practice. The matching of the image on the space was almost perfect without the need of any warping.

The idea behind this simple practice is to understand and visualize that mapping a surface could mean to be able “to see what the projectors sees”. With this technique the students experimented how a simple perspective transformation can make a picture taken from the point of view of the projector to perfectly match the given space.

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