Telenoika Mapping


From years 2009 to 2012 we participated as part of Telenoika Mapping Crew, working together in a group of 6 people. There we worked as video (2D and 3D) creatives, sound designers and musicians,  and software developers.

Here you can see two of the multiple projects we were participating:

Architectural audiovisual Mapping made by the Telenoika Cultural Association into the Villa Tittoni Traversi, on the second edition of Kernel Festival in Desio, Italy. 9 min.

Miki Arregui | Sergi Casero | Eloi Maduell | Santi Vilanova

Thanks to:  Assoc.Cultural Telenoika | Kernel Festival | Areaodeon


Telenoika Audiovisual Mapping @ Macau Arts Festival – (China)

Encounters is an audiovisual show which retells stories of times past while simultaneously drawing attention to the current remnants of an iconic facade such as the St Pauls Temple in Macau.

Omar Álvarez (2D) | Miquel Arregui (3D, 2D) | Gabriel Casanova (3D) | Sergi Casero (Audio) | Miguel Gozalbo (Audio) | Eloi Maduell (3D, Software Development) | Santi Vilanova (2D, Audio) | SolidSounds (Production)


Audiovisual mapping for the Feria de Teatro de Castilla-La Mancha, held in Albacete, Spain [12-14 april 2010].

Omar Alvarez, Mikel Arregui, Sergi Kasero, Eloi Maduell, Santiago Vilanova


An important development made for this bunch of projects was the creation of a software that allowed us to corner pin and mesh warp a video.

This software was released as WarpMap, and you can download it for free here: Warpmap