Sound Design


One of our most beloved activities is to make noise.

We work with custom software tools that allow us to design precise soundfx and contemporary electronic music, and we use this creations for our projects, or as comissioned sound design and music composing works.

You can access our Soundcloud for extended information:


We made the soundtrack for 2 Projection Mapping projects made by about life and work by spanish/greek master El Greco:




This was an experiment, processing random quantized clicks with random quantized dynamic delays. Sort of granular creature…. this can be playing for hours, never repeating itself….




Some old tune, augmented with the superb sax playing of Adria Bauzo from Electrotoylets. Made for an audiovisual dance show for the VAD festival in Girona:


The audiovisual results of an experimental synthesizer based on waveshaping techniques and waveform visualization:



Minimalistic clicks and cuts.
Messing around with the Quadratic Iterator by Ignasi Álvarez( Finally found some ways to “domesticate” the chaotic foam and make some semi-random percussion-like sounds.
All other sound generators and time manipulation effects are self-made algorithms. No samples were used.




We also like dubstep:




Minimalistic clicks and cuts:




And all kinds of Electronic Music: