Sant Pau


As a teacher in EINA design school on the subject “digital creation”, i received the commision to work with the students on a real project for the christmas lighting of Sant Pau, a Barcelona’s modernist architectural symbol by the catalan architect Domenech i Muntaner.

We started, then, a creative process with the 31 students on the classroom to accomplish that goal. First decision was to move from “classical” christmas lighting to projection mapping on the facade, allowing us to communicate using image, instead of just mere “decoration”.

After several brainstorming processes, we ended up with a nice and simple script, following 4 basic themes: History, Modernism, Health and Culture. Upon this basic conceptual structure, each student was encouraged to create 30 seconds of animation representing one of this 4 concepts.

Final result was a 20 minutes projection mapping video which was projected every night of Christmas Holidays (from 20 December to 6 January), with a very good acceptance between neighbours and catalan press.

Here you can watch at some of the press releases talking about this event:

El Pais

La Vanguardia

La Vanguardia Digital

El Periódico



One interesting development for this event was the creation of a simple PixelMapping software to control the color of the RGB Pars through a pre-rendered video. That allowed us to design color of the fixtures depending on the chromatic average of the mapping contents: