Interactive audiovisual poli-poetry theater show.

Barcelona, Toulossse, Madremanya, Berlin, Figueres, Igualada | 2008-2010


Real-time sampling play, an experimental performance in which time connects the relationships between interactive audiovisuals, the spoken word and gestural performance. Delay, repetition, polyphony and other concepts used in sound are applied to digital polypoetry.

This project was conceived and developed at the interactive arts lab organised in the lead-up to the IDN festival in Barcelona in 2007. The core programming was presented during the festival as an interactive installation called ‘Playmodes’. reflexus began to take shape during 2008, as a result of Eloi’s collaboration with Santi Vilanova. The initial concept and script were then applied to the live context with Jordi Teixidor, producing a first stage of ‘Playmodes’ that is adapted to gesture and the spoken word.



Reflexus DOC (català)

Reflexus PDF (english)

Reflexus DOC (castellano)

Technical Description of the tool we use in Reflexus.


last shows    
Loop is an International Festival & Fair for Video Art . Barcelona . May 2008 .
Reflexus was shown as part of the specific Festivals Program, curated by Girona’s VAD festival.
Contemporary art festival held in Madremanya in August 2008, a nice midle age village from
Girona’s country-side. Organized by GresolArt.
  On december 2008 we presented Reflexus in french version during the CorpusMedia meeting laboratory in Toulose organized by K-Danse.
 CaixaForum   Inside the i-Dissabtes program Reflexus was presented on this cultural center of Barcelona. March 2009.
 Figueres CCC   Figueres city organized a week of catalan poetry during the celebration of the Capital of Catalan Culture (CCC). March 2009
 La Mostra
  La Mostra is a great fair arround childs & youngs theater. Igualada . April 2009
 Món Llibre   Món Llibre is a big event held in CCCB, Barcelona. It’s an event to promote lecture between children. April 2009
  Mapping festival is one of the most influent festivals in the audiovisual performances scene. Reflexus was shown in the cinema Spoutnik in the Usine, Geneve. May 2009
Literature festival held in Berlin where diferent expressive medias related to poetry take the city. Geneve. July 2009



Video and concept
Eloi Maduell

Text and Action
Jordi Teixidor

Music and sound
Santi Vilanova

reflexus is a co-production from


with the support of Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya