Laser beams, kinetic sculpture, lights and sound installation | Barcelona | 2012


In this installation we mixed together “The Particle” a kinetic light sculpture by Alex Posada, and “Blue Beams“, a set of 8 motorized blue laser diodes.

Photograph by Jordi Piqué.


We arranged the lasers forming an octogon around the particle, leaving enough space in between to allow 130 people sit in comfortable sunbeds, and enjoy the cymatic show. Every laser beam has an speaker associated, summing a total of 8 channel audio.

We created a multichannel synthesizer driven by an 8-phase LFO, that generates synchronized sound and laser control through the OSC protocol.

Every laser has a sound oscillator associated which is played through its corresponding speaker. Some parameters of this oscillator, such as pitch, amplitude or filter, are associated with the brightness of the laser light and it’s movement in 1 axis. So when we compose music with this syntesizer, we are really composing also light and movement…


We built a software simulator, to be able to work  with the instrument at home…


The Particle’s RGB light, movement and sound patterns can be easily triggered through OSC as well.

We used Duration to drive all this elements. Duration allows us to write automation curves of OSC and DMX data easily, and even record OSC data from our sound synthesizers. Here you can see a diagram of the control setup:


You can see a making off of the process, together with the Blaus installation:



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