Porta Estel·lar


Porta Estel·lar (the catalan for Star Gate) is an immersive light and sound installation inside a plane.

We invite the audience to embark on a cosmic journey, perceptively intense and captivating.

Through the creation of visual and sound sequences that suggest the idea of interstellar travel, we make the audience fly to outer space in an intense six-minute trip, from departure and takeoff  to the sighting of comets, planets, galaxies, crossing nebulae and visiting alien worlds, until finally returning safe to earth.

The plane itself is an art project from Eduardo Cajal, http://www.trashumante.org/, who bought, transformed and adapted the plane to hold this kind of art performances inside it. Porta Estel·lar, then, is a collaborative project between PlayMID, authors of the light&sound show, and Eduardo Cajal, owner of the plane.



Direction and Concept: PlayMID (Playmodes + MID)


Plane: Eduardo Cajal (http://www.trashumante.org/)

Hardware Engineering: Alex Posada

3D Modelling: Gerard Vallverdú

3D Realtime simulation software: Eloi Maduell

Sound: Santi Vilanova

Visual contents: Eloi Maduell + Santi Vilanova

Video edition: Eloi Maduell


Thanks to: 

Marta Barnolas (filming and on site realization)

Lloc Audiovisuals (technical set-up)

Sebas (technical set-up)

Xavi Bové (filming)

Pense (additional set-up)

Casa d’oficis de l’espectacle (set-up assistance and on site-realization)

MAC Festival


Porta Estel·lar by PlayMID

To create Porta Estel·lar, we built the complete system and contents, comprising:


Software engineering

Creating a 3d simulation of the plane for composing light before having installed it in the plane


Hardware engineering

Creating the whole control system to communicate with 200m of led strips, lots of soldering and hardware preparation


Video production

The whole visual content of the leds is driven by a 2d video file, which is mapped to the led pixels by a process of “pixel mapping”


Sound design

The installation features an 8-channel audio system, so we needed to develop custom software for spatial effects



Thinking how to create an immersive piece about space travels, communicating complex ideas through an abstract language.



Porta Estel·lar Tech




You can also check the full soundtrack here:




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