Pequeño Pájaro


Videoclip for the independent rock band “StandStill”, for a song included in their last album.

The song, called “Pequeño Pájaro” (Little Bird), is reinterpreted visually as a spiritual bird’s flight between two lovers.On this travel, full of pictorical landscapes coming from hundreds of paintings from the XIV and XV century ported to a 3D environment, the bird lives a dangerous journey through mountains, woods, citys and surrealistic environments.

Most of the paintings are from masters like Giotto, Duccio, Bosch, DellaFrancesca, which have been manipulated to fit a 3D theatre, and integrated with an intro and outro made through 3D scanning of real people using kinect cameras.


Music: Standstill
Song: Pequeño Pájaro
LP: Dentro de la Luz
Script and direction: Enric Montefusco y Playmodes
2D and 3D Animation: Playmodes (Santi Vilanova & Eloi Maduell)
Photos “burial”: David Ruano
3D Characters: Enric Montefusco y Diana Bandini
“Burial” Characters: Standstill (Piti Elvira, Ricky Falkner, Ricky Lavado y Enric Montefusco)

All images come from paintings of the XIVth and XVth century
tall included in the Standstill’s “Cénit” show .

(c) y (p) Buena Suerte 2013