Toy Factory Mapping

Audiovisual mapping content production for christmas campaign. | Plaza Mayor | Madrid | 2011


Toy Factory was an interactive mapping project, which took place during 2011 christmas holydays in Plaza Mayor of Madrid, Spain.

The main idea was to create an audiovisual show in which the spectators could appear as characters of the animation. Universomente created a photo capture system that allowed faces of public to be inserted in the dwarf design. A set of characters and accesories (hats, dresses, ears, beards) have been designed, in order to allow multiple combinations. Faces of the public assisting to the show were captured, and integrated within the whole character design.


We created a bone system for the character, which allows us to move parts of the body easily. We paid special attention to the flexibility of the system, so we also could deform the body as rubber material. The main idea behind the show script was to transform the building in a toy factory operated by the dwarfs, in a christmas mood. A special christmas carol has also been composed for the main part of the show, in where all dwarfs were singing and dancing.


Miki Arregui designed several scenarios of the factory, coinciding exactly with the building architectural characteristics. Albert Callejo designed a set of mapping special effects, which completely transformed and deformed the building.

Creative Concept / Music / Character design / 3D / Animation / Edition / VideoEngine Development

Concept / Interactive system / Technical Project Managing

3D Factory scenarios design and animation
Miki Arregui

Modelling / Architectural 3D FX
Albert Callejo + Playmodes

Technical supplier

Production agency

Video report