Taüll 1123

Audiovisual mapping. UNESCO heritage site. Taüll | 2013

Playmodes and Burzon-Comenge realized a mapping over the main absis on Sant Climent de Taüll.

The paintings of Sant Climent de Taüll is one of the icons of the Romanesque style in Europe. In 1123 the church was consecrate with the famous mural layout. In the renaissance and gothic, the romanic fresco’s where unappreciated and so the original paint was covered with a gothic altarpiece arround S XVII.

At the begining of S XX, the original remaining paints where extracted and transported to Barcelona museum for it’s exhibition and conservation.

In 1959 a copy of the original made by Ramon Millet was installed in Taüll’s church. This copy was getting degraded so a new reconfiguration of the main absis started.



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