Lapsus Interludes


Comissioned by the Lapsus Festival, we worked on the light scenography for the electronic music concerts, where we performed as “Light Jockeys”

The setup, which consisted in 10 motorized narrow light beams, 10 RGB Led fixtures and 2 stroboscopes, also allowed us to make some light and sound interludes between the different artists playing in the festival. Here you have a recording of some of these interludes:



You can also check out some of the music:



To do this, we rebuilt the modular software for lightning control that we created for the Axial show, in collaboration with MID.

This is what it looks like:


lapsus soft



This was controlling a setup of DMX fixtures (see next image) and also a sound synthesizer which responds to light movements… so basically, creating light sequences means creating sound sequences at the same time…

lapsus rider


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