El Sol 2016


We created the visual scenography for El Sol 2016 advertising festival, held in Euskalduna Jauregia of Bilbao.
Our work ranged from creating the graphic design for the different sections and prizes, the opening and closing audiovisual shows, mapping the pipe organ, pixelmapping the custom-made LED luminaires and composing the music and soundfx for all this pieces.

Here you can watch a video summary of our work:



And here a photo album containing the basic graphic design and some photos of the event and setup:


El Sol 2016

Also, some of the composed soundtracks for the event:








ElSol, festival iberoamericano de creatividad pulicitaria (http://elsolfestival.com/)
Produced and directed by: Benecé produccions (http://www.benece.es/)
Technical supplier: Laser Audiovisuales (http://laser-av.com/)
Motion graphics, mapping, LED control and music: Playmodes (http://www.playmodes.com)